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    CAMTuning offers custom tuning of Subaru, Mitsubishi, and NIssan vehicles that maximize the performance of your modifications. Proper engine management is critical to get the most out of any car and have it run safely.
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    CAMTuning has tuned out some of the fastest Subaru's in the state. Whether you're looking for a quick daily driver or an all out race car, you can be sure that CAMTuning can get your car tuned to suit your needs.. 

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    With the recent increase in availability, E85 has become a great option to make much more power without having to run race gas. All that is needed is a larger fuel system and a tune. Check the dyno section for a number of examples of cars that had huge gains running E85. 

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About CAMTuning

About CAMTuning

I got interested in tuning because I wanted to improve my own car, and no one I knew locally could do it for me. I went on to start tuning friend's cars and learned as I went. What started as a hobby has turned into a passion for building and tuning Subaru's and EVO's. I have spent hundreds of hours tuning and studying to improve my knowledge and abilites as a tuner.
While CAMTuning has grown from very humble beginnings, I am still driven to improve and build a widely recognized tuning service company. I strive for safety and satisfaction for my customers.
A little background:
I went to New Mexico State University where I earned my Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. I attended University of New Mexico where I completed my Masters in Business Administration.


Featured CAMTuning Photographer

Becca of BPhotography

Opening day 2013 at the Albuquerque Dragway was full of cars taking advantage of the first test and tune of the year. The one car that stood out was the CAMTuning wagon, running mid 10 second passes. BPhotography was there and snapped some great racing photos of the wagon seen here.

This one we call "got squat"

She has also shared the high res versions of these photos for the CAMTuning fans here - here - here - here and here

You can contact Becca or check out her photos on her facebook page. She has some great pictures of other cars racing from the opening day.


CAMTuning Builds

Timmy's 08 STi "Project White Rice"

Timmy is sparing no expense buiding his Aspen white 08 STI... The car is going to be amazing when it is finished. more....

Bumble BEEast Evo Build

Don't know many of you subie guys on here but I own the only yellow evo (that I know of) that runs around this town. I ordered all my stuff and should be getting tuned by April. My current setup more.....

The never ending saga that is the CAMTuning wagon

Some of you already know that I'm building another motor to live with the power that the wagon is making, and add some more. I'm starting with an 05 EJ257 short block and 06 STi heads. more....

Stanghater's 2 liter Beast

Finally got tired of the VF39 E85 power, and since no one really builds up a 2 liter I decided to be different :) . This build is going to go in stages, with one of the stages being nearly complete. more....

Hookie's Project Godzilla

Hey guys! I already know some of you, to the ones I don't, hi, I'm Alex, or Hookie, whichever you prefer. Those of you I know remember I had a 2005 WRX, and wrecked it earlier this year. Since then I knew i had to get another Subaru, and that's exactly what I did. more......

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Latest Videos

The CAMTuning making a record breaking 10.48 at 139mph pass! Read more about it here...

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  • Sport Compact All Out Call Out - June 1st, 2013
Last years success brought on a new call out - Domestics vs Imports. More info here


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Camtuning wagon runs 10.48 @ 139
Written by stanghater   
Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New Mexico's fastest Subaru just got faster. The CAMTuning wagon made its way to Albuquerque Dragway on opening day along with 150 other cars. The size of the crowd only allowed for a couple runs and on his third run Cameron was able to run a 10.48 at 139mph. That run was made with a mid boost setting. The car has more in it and we will surely see its full potential in 2013. You can read more about this and see videos here......

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 19 March 2013 )
Stanghater takes a ride in the camtuning wagon
Written by stanghater   
Sunday, 03 March 2013
Recently I met up with Cameron and he gave me a ride in the 825whp CAMTuning wagon. I gotta say.... it was NOT fun


camtuning wagon speedo video
Written by stanghater   
Wednesday, 20 February 2013
Just a quick video of the CAMTuning wagon going through 2nd and 3rd gear. Not trying to speed shift or anything, but its impressive none the less.

Here is the Garagebuiltrides.com article that was written recently..

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 20 February 2013 )
Camtuning Celebrates 5 years
Written by stanghater   
Wednesday, 20 February 2013
5 years ago Cameron and I decided to start a forum to support his out of town customers. It was the 2nd forum that I ever set up, and I never thought it would become what some have called "the hub of the New Mexico Subaru community". I am proud of what this site has become, and I want to thank all of you for your support. Here is my post in the forums..

Camtuning wagon Featured on garage built rides!
Written by stanghater   
Sunday, 17 February 2013
 Mike Taddoni from Garage Built Rides did an article on the CAMTuing wagon and also snapped some great shots of the 825whp swagger wagon. Check it out here...

Camtuning wagon makes 823whp!
Written by stanghater   
Thursday, 31 January 2013
Ever since we started CamTuning in 2007, the wagon has always been in the top 1% of high power Subarus. In the past couple of years, the CamTuning wagon has been #1. Last year we were challenged, but we quickly answered that challenge and set new records in the process. Now at 823whp we are confident that CamTuning is the New Mexico Subaru King. You can see the Dyno footage HERE and HERE

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 20 February 2013 )
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Dyno Services

CAMTuning does all dyno tuning at Pro Power Dyno in Rio Rancho. Pro Power offers a CAMTuning discounted rate for dyno services done Mon - Fri. 


NOTE: Camtuning tunes cars to the best of its ability and knowledge and within safe limits for the hardware and fuel that is used. As with any performance modification you are assuming some risk by taking the vehicle beyond what the manufacturer intended. CAMTuning will not be held responsible for any mechanical failures related or unrelated to performance modifications.

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